Myths & Facts

Hardwood Floors are 10 times more expensive than wall-to-wall carpeting.
A properly maintained hardwood floor will last 300 years bringing its cost per year to about USD 0.7 per square meters. That would include having it recoated and polished periodically.

Prefinished floors are easy to install and require little skill or attention to detail.
In order to get that 100-300 year life out of your plank floor, a lot of consideration has to be put into the suitability of the subfloor and proper fasteners need to be used. What a waste of money when it is just slammed into place by some production installer. Remember it is floor carpentry not floor covering.

By choosing the cheapest quote from a hardwood-flooring contractor I will save money.
As a general rule the contractor that may well be cheaper than the rest will compromise on quality and type of installation. The result will be both immediate problems such as a rough finish or uneven stain color. Also future un-solvable or expensive problems like peeling finish or gapping and squeaking of boards.

Timber floors are not good for use in countries with hot/humid climates.
Don’t believe that. With good installation techniques and the correct precautionary measures taken, timber floors can be made to last in all climates.

A thick wood panel means better than a thinner counterpart.
Finish, origin and production determine the quality and cost of a flooring panel. The thinner counterpart may have hidden superior qualities.