Rubber Flooring

Rubber Floors

When building a commercial play area, investing in rubber surfacing for playgrounds is crucial for ensuring safety. The Rubber Flooring Experts provide various rubber playground flooring products that protect children from injuries and provide fantastic floor protection in daycares, public parks, and schools, which may be some of the most rough-and- tumble environments around for children. Overall, rubber playground surfacing is a smart, affordable, and easy-to- install way of making sure that roughhousing kids in these places don’t harm themselves while playing around.

We can offer rubber playground flooring products that are flexible, elastic, and comfortable. Kids are bound to fall off of slides or jungle gyms and hit the ground while they are playing around. Many play areas have hard flooring surfaces like wood, concrete, or asphalt. Falling on these types of surfaces is not only painful, but can lead to serious injuries, especially for children with growing bodies. On the other hand, playground surfacing made of rubber can absorb the impact of falling and decrease the overall shock to the person’s body, minimizing the chance of injury and keeping them safe. It is better for children to fall on a soft, elastic material like rubber instead of a hard surface like concrete or asphalt.

By installing rubber mats in indoor and outdoor play areas, you can create a cushioned surface that protects children from injuries when they fall, thus providing them with a safe and secure play environment.

Gym Rubber Floors

Rubber gym flooring is one of the strongest, most durable gym flooring options available today. Instepfloors offers many different types of gym floor mats in rubber, and rubber flooring continues to be a highly popular option for gyms, weight rooms, and other areas that see high traffic and rigorous use.

1. Durable flooring can withstand both home and commercial applications and will last for years
2. Versatility – rubber flooring comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, sizes, color choices, and installation types, giving you plenty of options
3. Affordability – rubber is one of the most inexpensive types of gym flooring, helping you to come in under budget
4. Sound dampening properties make for a more enjoyable workout environment
5. Shock absorbing – rubber flooring is a more forgiving surface than a concrete subfloor, and this makes a big difference in your body over the course of a workout
6. Environmentally friendly – most gym floor mats are made from recycled rubber, making it an eco-friendly flooring option

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