Teak is one kind of wooden floors that will enrich the style of the space to a whole new level, it gives a rich texture to the flooring that will make the space look classy and rich. Teak decking will make your house look brand new and this is a style which will never be out of trend. Get out of the myths like they are 10 times expensive than the normal ones or they are not good for countries with hot climate.

Teak decking can be done with at most quality at nominal prices. And it hold good for any climate. Keeping you teak floor looking as good as new is pretty easy.

Use mats front of the house to prevent dirt entering the house and spoil the floors.

Vacuum or sweep the floor regularly.

When moving heavy things – appliances, furniture and such – slip a blanket or carpet scrap face down under each foot of the piece and slide it over the floor to prevent scratching and gouging. It’ll move a whole lot easier too.

Save your floor from scratches by using floor protector to the furniture.

Wipe out the floor as soon as possible once something spill on the floor.

Wood floors will age over time. It is completely natural.


Don’t drop anything which is pointed or sharp on the floor as that will damage the flooring.

Don’t wax your floor. Using wax will make the surface slippery.

All the teak floors are not harm to the environment. Teak decking can be done in go green way by which they do not release any harmful solvents, formaldehyde or heavy metals. In fact teak decking can improve your home environment because it does not wrap dust, pollen or other allergens.

What is more beautiful than a classy, go green, all time trending ipe flooring which will make your house look cool? Teak decking will make your house, home. Teak decking is maintenance easy process. And once installed, they can be maintained easily and it is a one-time investment. You will never change your flooring again since it is always a trending design. It will be a next big step in your interior designing. So what are you waiting for? Go change your flooring to rich, cozy and classy teak through teak decking and elevate your home’s look to a whole new level. Get in contact with your nearest wooden flooring experts for teak decking. Make a beautiful, ever green, environmental friendly home!